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iPA Phonetics for iOS

This APP provides a unique and intuitive touch interface for exploring the International Phonetic Alphabet as well as numerous voice qualities and articulations. Simply press any symbol or label in the charts to see and hear an illustrative example. Test your knowledge by playing the random guessing games. Amazing laryngoscopic and ultrasound videos accompany sounds

iPA Phonetics and in-app purchases

Recently, I added an in-app purchase to a free iphone/ipad APP I made a few years ago with my colleague Dr. John Esling, emeritus of UVic and past-president of the International Phonetics Association ( The main app consists of several interactive screens, which pair the official international phonetic symbols (the IPA) with the appropriate audio

Why am I here?

History: I’ve been fascinated with technology for a long time. I can still remember the day (Christmas 1977) when my dad plugged a strange white box (a lloyds tv sports 812 video game) into our aging black and white television and magically white lines appeared on the screen. Even better, you could move the smaller


With this site I wish to share my encounters, thoughts and reviews on some of what I consider to be “great little programs”, and I hope anyone who visits here can benefit from some of the information contained within, and will even feel compelled to contribute their own thoughts and links to other great little